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  • Tamako 〜Treatment for Aseptic Fat Tissue Inflammation

    2019/03/20 post on Facebook

    Tamako-chan is lively and active. She has been receiving traditional Kampo medicine treatment for aseptic fat tissue inflammation for about a month now. Despite recurring bleeding, her condition has gradually improved.

    In the process of treating aseptic fat tissue inflammation with traditional Kampo medicine at our clinic, it's common for small inflammations to recede and heal. The difference between treatment with traditional Kampo medicine and the period before is that previously, bleeding persisted, and antibiotics or steroids were required to control it. Now, inflammation and bleeding are resolving more quickly, indicating that her immune system is improving.

    Over time, the intervals between recurrences will lengthen, bleeding will cease, and the lumps will shrink.
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    • 犬の脂肪織炎で漢方薬治療しているたまこちゃんの治療経過

    • 犬の脂肪織炎で漢方薬治療しているたまこちゃんの治療経過

  • Lotta 〜reatment for Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia

    2019/02/7 post on Facebook

    Lotta-chan has started traditional Kampo medicine treatment for immune-mediated hemolytic anemia. When she came to our clinic, her hematocrit level had already dropped to 15%, and she began traditional Kampo medicine treatment with a firm determination. When the hematocrit level drops this low, traditional Kampo medicine treatment often doesn't have enough time to take effect. However, thanks to her determination and her taking double the usual dose, she successfully recovered from anemia while reducing the steroid dosage. As of yesterday, about two weeks later, her hematocrit level has reached 27%, and it seems she's getting healthier day by day.

    In cases where the steroid dosage is very high and there's a strong dependency on steroids, it can be challenging to reduce steroids effectively due to the risk of rebound effects, making it difficult to manage the condition. Lotta-chan was initially undergoing steroid treatment for lymphatic dilatation.

    Most pets who suffer from severe immune disorders like immune-mediated hemolytic anemia have a history of long-term immunosuppressive therapy. Paradoxically, by continuing to suppress the immune system in a disease caused by immune abnormalities, the immune system can become disrupted and eventually go haywire.

    On the other hand, by regulating the immune system, lymphatic dilatation can also be treated simultaneously. It's important to keep in mind that both "standard treatment" and "cutting-edge medicine," which focus solely on managing symptoms without addressing the root cause of the disease, can be like tightening a noose around a pet's life.
    • ロッタちゃん 〜免疫介在性溶血性貧血の治療

    • ロッタちゃん 〜免疫介在性溶血性貧血の治療

  • Sachiko                                      〜Treatment for Aseptic Fat Tissue Inflammation and Chronic Dermatitis

    2019/02/3 post on Instagram

    Sachiko-chan is undergoing traditional Kampo medicine treatment for aseptic fat tissue inflammation. Originally, she had been on steroid therapy for conditions like dermatitis in her fingers and skin. However, her skin started to develop raised bumps with pus-filled pockets due to aseptic fat tissue inflammation, and she required a high dose of steroids, 2 mg/kg, to manage her symptoms. Even the slightest reduction in steroids would lead to symptom relapses.

    In many cases, pets who have used steroids in such high quantities tend to experience exacerbations when discontinuing steroids, even if they switch to traditional Kampo medicine treatment. This is because steroids significantly weaken the immune system and can worsen the overall constitution.

    However, in Sachiko-chan's case, after starting traditional Kampo medicine treatment, she was able to gradually reduce the steroids successfully, despite a few relapses along the way. Over the past three months, she has not only discontinued steroids but also traditional Kampo medicine, and her skin conditions, including pre-existing dermatitis, have stabilized, allowing her to maintain her health.
    • さちこちゃん〜無菌性脂肪織炎・慢性皮膚炎の治療

  • Miir  〜Treatment for Immune-Mediated Arthritis

    2018/10/15 post on Instagram

    Miir-chan is currently undergoing treatment for immune-mediated arthritis. She was diagnosed with immune-mediated arthritis after not responding to treatments such as anti-inflammatory drugs, and an examination of her joint fluid was performed at a specialized orthopedic hospital.

    Fortunately, she came to our clinic before starting internal medicine treatments like steroids and immunosuppressants. She began taking traditional Kampo medicine, and the response was very quick; she felt much better almost immediately. Although she's currently at about 80-90% recovery, she no longer takes naps during the day, and she energetically goes for walks.

    Moreover, the reduction in the shadow on her spleen and the decrease in skin lumps are also positive changes that bring joy.
    • ミルちゃん 〜免疫介在性関節炎の治療