Introducing the director

Harupets clinic KOBE  Director and Veterinarian

My encounter with Kampo herbal medicine

My image of traditional Kampo medicine treatment is probably similar to that of everyone else's: gentle on the body, but with mild effects that take time for treatment.

However, in fact, when I was involved in Western medicine, I realized that there were many diseases for which the cause was unknown even if the name of the disease was identified through various tests.
Because of these reasons, I started to study Eastern medicine, attended acupuncture seminars, and participated in integrative medicine conferences. However, I struggled to find a treatment that truly satisfied me.

Therefore, when I first visited the director of Harpets Clinic Tokyo,Dr.Hayashi,
The words that emphasized that "there are still illnesses that can be cured" were bolt from the blue.

I was constantly amazed not only by the effectiveness of our clinic's herbal medicine but also by Dr. Hayashi's insight into treatments. Starting herbal medicine treatment under Dr Hayashi, diseases I had thought were incurable were healed, and most importantly, witnessing the animals rapidly regain their health through herbal medicine treatment made my uneasiness and stress about treatment disappear.

Just witnessing the condition of a family member in poor health can be heart-wrenching. 
Many people, I think, are deeply pained by the sight of their loved ones undergoing treatments without a clear understanding of the cause, enduring an ongoing and seemingly endless process, and suffering from the side effects that further weaken their bodies.

Not only the illness itself but also the treatment can rob them of irreplaceable moments with their family.

That's why we believe it's essential to first restore the body's vitality with herbal medicine and focus on healing the illness. We hope that through our herbal medicine treatment, we can assist in reclaiming those precious moments for you and your family.

  • Graduated from 
    “the Veterinary Medicine Faculty of Rakuno Gakuen Univ.”
  •  "the Japanese Campus of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine”
  • Veterinarian&International Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner
  • Work history
  • 2008 NOSAI 
  • 2011 Animal hospital in Kanagawa Pref.
  • 2013 Haru Pets Clinic Aichi
  • 2014 Vice President of the clinic
  • 2018 Harupets Clinic KOBE

※Indeed, since the constitution of animals and humans differs significantly, prescribing herbal medicine for animals requires not only knowledge of traditional Kampo medicine but also an understanding of the unique constitution and illnesses that are specific to animals.It's important to be cautious because prescribing herbal medicine without proper examination can lead to the administration of herbal remedies that may not be suitable for an individual's constitution.

If you live overseas, you will be examined by photo and email. Please contact me.