Treatment plan.

  • "Western medicine or traditional Eastern medicine."
    Since Western medicine and traditional Eastern medicine are approaches that look at illnesses from different perspectives, it's not possible to compare which one is right or superior. We believe that it is important to consider problems from multiple perspectives and choose options that are suitable for the situation. Western medicine's immediacy not only provides relief from pain and suffering but also prevents the chain of symptoms and allows for the restoration of physical strength. However, when the body's balance is disrupted, or the immune system is weakened, leading to recurrent issues, treatment from traditional Eastern medicine is necessary to improve the body from within..

    Moreover, even for diseases that cannot be diagnosed and treated by Western medicine, traditional Eastern medicine can often open up possibilities by using Kampo herbal treatments to balance the body and stimulate self-healing capabilities.

    • 西洋医学と東洋医学

    • 西洋医学と東洋医学

    Symptoms are a sign from the body
    The illness does not develop suddenly one day, but is manifested as a symptom of the illness as a result of the accumulation of physical disorders caused by the imbalance of the body. Therefore, the symptom is a sign that the body is out of balance and the function of the body is weakened.
    The problem with relying solely on Western treatment is that it only suppresses the symptoms that appear while ignoring the signs of the body that appear as illness. As a result, the upset that occurs in the body continues to worsen, and can even be exacerbated by treatment, eventually leading to larger illnesses such as organ failure and immune disorders.
    It is important to be aware of the problems that exist in their bodies and to improve them properly, rather than dismissing intractable diseases as "unlucky" or "because of their idiosyncratic constitution". By doing so, the lives of pets after that will change dramatically.
  • Medical care for pets
    In commercialized and efficient medical care, only the "disease name" is often goes alone, leaving the mind and body of pets behind. Treatments that do not take into account the condition of the body can even hurt the pets.
    Listen to the signs of the pets' voiceless screams.

    It is also necessary to take care of the pets' bodies and prevent them from becoming a major illness before "early detection of the disease". Chinese herbal medicine treatment is also effective as a means of doing so.

    We hope that through Kampo herbal medicine treatment, we can help regain the mysterious and irreplaceable time between humans and pets.